Expand your network, and your college experience, while helping to shape our profession through a vital community of college administrators.

Working groups help to build our professional network and value within the college system. Members with years of experience join with those bringing a fresh view - a perfect combination for growth.

If you're interested and would like more information, please call Diane Posterski, Executive Director (1.866.742.5429 ext. 102), or members [at] ocasa [dot] on [dot] ca (send us an email). We're looking for members on a variety of working groups:

  • Board of Directors
  • Communications
  • Member engagement
  • Professional development
  • Finance & Business development
  • Awards

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Chad Munday, Academic Manager
Media, Arts and Design, Loyalist College.

"OCASA is not just about advocacy and support but also community.  Developing a broader base to feel connected across the province is the unique opportunity and platform that OCASA brings to its members.
This is why I became involved in OCASA.
I enjoy participating in professional development opportunities and speaking with colleagues about successes and challenges experienced in their roles.  Expanding my network in addition to those in a similar field through OCASA has provided continuous learning as well as provided a broader understanding of the many facets to working in our Ontario colleges.

The time commitment has been very flexible and the opportunity to bring change and creativity to my current role in communications is why I would encourage you to start small and connect with the association."

Connect with Chad by cmunday [at] loyalistc [dot] on [dot] ca (email) or LinkedIn .