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OCASA’s Certificate in Ontario College Leadership & Administration

"Being aware of the assignments at the beginning made it easier to schedule time accordingly. There was an appropriate amount of time given to complete the reading/assignments. The SMA assignment provided me with an opportunity to familiarize myself with the document as well as the process around it's development which I don't think I would've otherwise explored in such detail." (Understanding the Ontario College System Fall 2017 Participant)

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June 4 - July 13: Managing in a Unionized Environment

Instructor: Jed DeCory, M.A.

Fees: $449 per course. OCASA member rate $349.

Online Program Overview 
This course looks at the issues and opportunities of leading a team of unionized employees. It is designed to explore three main components:
  • How do I use my strengths to be a better Leader?
  • How do I optimize my team's strengths?
  • How do I use the collective agreements as a playbook for success
Designed for both those who manage Support Staff and Academic staff, the course uses case studies and the participants' practical examples to illustrate ways to build teams that will help your students get the best education possible. Guided by the facilitator, the group will tackle issues ranging from hiring, to workload assignment, to progressive discipline, all within the boundaries of the collective agreements. In support of these issues, the course will examine various leadership styles and communication techniques needed to encourage teamwork and cooperation.
The course design includes a series of readings, video, cases, online forums and live chat components.
More specifically, the six-week course consists of a three-week intensive section in which participants are required to complete assigned readings and tasks, as well as interact with fellow participants. Participants should anticipate a workload equivalent to one hour per day. This is followed by a three-week period for completing three course assignments.
  • These online courses are valuable for aspiring or new managers, those new to the Ontario college system, as well as seasoned administrators looking to refresh their knowledge base, tackle new challenges and enhance their professional networks.
  • Instructors provided timely, responsive guidance, catered to your questions, posts and learning needs.  
  • All courses are designed specifically for college administrators in Ontario, and are instructed by those with experience in the college and content expertise.
  • Take one as you need it, or four to complete the certificate. Design it to suit your needs taking the courses you need most.
  • Designed to allow flexibility in customizing your completion - 24/7 access, responsive instructors, extended time to complete your final assignment.
  • Courses vary in time commitments, ranging from 4-10 hours/week for three weeks, with 1-3 weeks to complete the final assignment.
  • Fees: $449+tax per course. OCASA member rate $349+tax.
  • Three one-week modules with additional 1-3 weeks to complete your final assignment.
  • Discussion boards, reading, final assignment for a pass/fail.
  • Certification Courses previously taken from OCASA (prior to 2016) will receive full credit towards this certificate.
  • Successful completion of four (4) courses earns the Certification in Ontario College Leadership & Administration.

“I enjoyed the optional live chats and was grateful for this opportunity to converse with the instructor and peers to better understand the content.” (Strategic Planning Winter 2018 Participant)

Past Courses:
November 3 - December 4 
Understanding the Ontario College System
Kristi Harrison, Hons. B.Ed, M. Ed, Ed D. Candidate (2017) 
January 26 - February 26  
Strategic Planning
Dominique Giguère, B.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D.
Courses in Development:
  • Leading Through Change
  • Financial Management
The following are foundational 8 courses.

The certificate will not be limited to this list as special topics are introduced from time to time, fully eligible to complete the certificate.

Mission Culture and Governance in HE    
Organizational Communication
Conflict Resolution – Moving beyond to achieve your goals   Building Leadership Capacity
The Role of the Student and Student Needs    Strategic and Business Planning
Technological Implications Adapting to ICT* in the Digital Academy
*ICT: Internet & Communications Technology   
Innovation in Administration