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Click here to view online: Volume 13, Number 2, Fall 2018
This volume includes the following articles:
  • OCASA Continues to Engender Pride and Excellence in Administration By James Humphreys, PhD
  • L’APACO continue à favoriser la fierté et l’excellence en administration Par James Humphreys, PhD
  • Cannabis Production By Vivian Kinnaird
  • Production de cannabis Par Vivian Kinnaird
  • Tackling the Unique Challenges of Cannabis-related Learning By Debbie Johnston
  • Apprentice Shortage By Bill Swan
  • Pride of Accomplishment Important in Skilled Trades By Dave Armishaw
  • Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry into the Value of Work By Matthew B. Crawford
  • Self-taught Craftsman
  • One in Two Indigenous Students Will Drop Their Program of Choice By Guy Williams
  • How to Work with A New Government By Brian Desbiens, PhD
  • Gérer un nouveau gouvernement Par Brian Desbiens, PhD
  • OCASA Doug Light Award for Lifetime Achievement
  • Member News
  • Feature: OCASA Doug Light Award for Lifetime Achievement

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Click here to view online: Volume 13, Number 1, Spring 2018
This volume includes the following articles:
  • Artificial Intelligence and the challenge of the future By Krista Pearson, PhD, CHRL
  • L’intelligence artificielle et les défis de l’avenir Par Krista Pearson, PhD, CHRL
  • Artificial Intelligence by Mike Sparling
  • Intelligence Artificielle Par Mike Sparling 
  • The Future is Now By Bill Swan 
  • Understand AI fundamentals to know its strengths, limitations By Dr. Deepak S. Gupta
  • Artificial Intelligence in higher education: Opportunities, risks and challenges By Maxim Jean-Louis
  • As AI redefines jobs, how do we serve students, staff, and our own careers? By Brian Desbiens, Ph.D
  • Learn from plans like ours to make Canada stronger By Derek W. Dobson
  • Apprenez des régimes comme le nôtre pour faire du Canada un pays plus fort Par Derek W. Dobson 
  • Member Profile: Georgian’s Academic Quality Officer awarded the CMU/OCASA Outstanding Research Award - Heather Raikou
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Click here to view online: Volume 12 Number 2, Fall 2017
This volume includes the following articles:
  • The role of the administrator – be true to your roots By Krista Pearson
  • Le role du personnel administrative – soyez fidèle à vos racines Par Krista Pearson
  • The PwC Report Without changes, demographic shift could put the core mandate of colleges in jeopardy
  • The Newcomers
    Dr. Dianne McCauley, Centennial College
    Leslie E. Casson, St. Lawrence College
    Saurabh Malhorta, Fanshawe International
    Dr. Judeline Innocent, Durham College
    Greg Mapp, Sault College
    Mike Nesdoly, Lambton College
    Kevin Morton, Mohawk College Facility Services
    Dr. Ann Marie Vaughan, Loyalist College
  • Interprofessional Education Capstone paper recommends health care disciplines join forces to get results by Mary Alacqua Gow
  • CAAT Pension Plan:
    Members can count on their pensions – keeping your plan strong By Derek W. Dobson
    Les participants peuvent se rassurer: nous préserverons la solidité de leur Régime Par Derek W. Dobson
  • Career Corner: College staff best source of future leaders; secondments important by Brian Desbiens
  • Member News
    Member Profile: Experience speaks – Don Bernosky says the challenges today aren’t more difficult – just more frequent
View the Spring 2017 Issue
Click here to view online: Volume 12 Number 1, Spring 2017
This volume includes the following articles:
Click here to view online: Volume 11 Number 2, Fall 2016
 This volume includes the following articles:
  • Aanii, Boozhoo, Hello by Krista Pearson
    Aanii, Boozhoo, Bonjour, par Krista Pearson
  • TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION - Echoes of Residential school system remain with Indigenous students today, by S. Brenda Small
  • T & R CALLS TO ACTION In Education
  • Leaving home in a small community for life in college is for most a big step, by S. Brenda Small
  • AN INUIT VOICE: “The cost-of-living allowance provided may be doable in a fourth world country, not in Canada.” by Norma Dunning
  • MÉTIS: Education is the foundation for moving forward on reconciliation, an interview with Margaret Froh, President of the Métis Nation of Ontario 
  • AN EDITOR SPEAKS: “Don’t quit. Don’t stop. Don’t wait,” Indigenous communities tell high school grads. “Keep going.” by Debora Steel
  • IPEC: 24 colleges join forces to support the needs of Indigenous learners, by Carolyn Hepburn 
  • THE CARING SOCIETY: The dreams of Indigenous children matter, too, by Courtney Powless
  • ABORIGINAL INSTITUTES CONSORTIUM - Chair Rosie Mosquito seeks recognition and funding
  • HON. DEB MATTHEWS: “We are just beginning a very long journey.”
  • COLLEGE ROUNDUP: Portage College,  Red Crow Community College, Fleming College, Confederation College 
  • Member News
  • Building healthy pensions today will serve Canada well for years to come, by Derek Dobson
  • Établir des régimes de retraite sains aujourd’hui sera bénéfique pour les Canadiens pendant de nombreuses années, par Derek Dobson
  • MEMBER PROFILE I’ve learned (and am still learning) how to walk with a foot in both worlds, by Carolyn Hepburn
Click here to view online: Volume 11 Number 1, Spring 2016
 This volume includes the following articles:
  • Does email have to be an endless merry-go-round? by Krista Pearson
    Les courriels doivent-ils vraiment être un va-et-vient continu?, par Krista Pearson
  • Email a problem? Like laundry, it never ends, but members offer a few hints, by Bill Swan
  • Mental Health: Stress on campus today affects students, staff, and admin – we’re in this together, by Bill Swan
  • Leaders & Innovators Conference: Framing Leadership (Conference overview)
  • Algonquin digitizes transfer credit system 
  • Are pension plans destined for extinction? by Derek Dobson
    Les régimes de retraitesont-ils destinés à disparaitre?,
    par Derek Dobson
  • Technology can keep you in the loop but can’t build relationships, by Brian Desbiens
  • Doing more with less and less, by Ella Forbes-Chilibeck Click here to download this article
    Faire de plus en plus, avec de moins en moins, par Ella Forbes-Chilibeck
  • Member News
  • OCASA focuses on renewal: Meeting the future leadership challenge - Diane Posterski
Click here to view online: Volume 10 Number 2, Fall 2015
This volume includes the following articles:
  • Leading the way in changing times by Krista Pearson
    Ouvrir la voie en priode de changement, par Krista Pearson
  • An interview with Deepak Gupta, Emerging Leader
  • Sexual Assault and Harassment: Policy alone can't change attitudes, by Bill Swan
  • Harcèlement au travail: tenants et aboutissants, Par Raphaëlle Laframboise-Carignan
  • The ins and outs of workplace harassment, by Raphaëlle Laframboise-Carignan (online version only)
  • Applied research: Student, faculty involvement opens doors to jobs, by Bill Swan
  • CMU research award: Faculty need time and space to provide career advice to students, by Anna De Grauwe
  • Cybersecurity preparedness, by Scott Crowley
  • Pensions are hot, by Derek Dobson
    La question brûlante des pensions,
    par Derek Dobson
  • Applied Research permeates all levels of the institution, by Brian Desbiens
  • Leaders & Innovators 2015 - Review
  • Member News
  • Member Profile, Krista Pearson - OCASA's new president
Click here to view online: Volume 10 Number 1, Spring 2015
 This volume includes the following articles:
  • Creativity and PD needed to prepare for the year 2025? by David Belford
    La créativité et le PP sont nécessaires aux préparations pour l’an 2025, par David Belford 
  • Preparing for 2025, by Bill Swan
  • Dental hygiene: Capstone paper compares faculty credentials of community
    and private career college programs,
    by Sandra Linardi
  • You’ve come a long way, Baby! An overview of the history
    of Parental Leave in the Workplace
    by Ella Forbes-Chilibeck
  • 2015 Leaders & Innovators Conference
  • Your Career: 2025, by Brian Desbiens
    Votre carrière : 2025, par
    Brian Desbiens
  • Managing change in the face of disruption, by Karen Creditor
  • Elements of pension security, by Derek Dobson
    Les éléments de la sécurité des pensions,
    by Derek Dobson
  • Both sides now, by Steve Robinson
Click here to view online: Volume 9 Number 2, Fall 2014
 This volume includes the following articles:
  • The best of the best? by Dave Belford 
  • From idea to reality: managing projects in a changing world, by Bill Swan
  • Self -efficacy and the Ph.D. college professor, by Andrew Thornton
  •  Project management a valued skill for managers, by Brian Desbiens
  • How to minimize the impact of workplace change, by Ella Forbes-Chilibeck 
  • Comment répondre aux changements dans le milieu du travail, by Raphaëlle Laframboise-Carignan
  • Maximizing value without additional cost, by Derek Dobson
  • Maximiser la valeur sans augmenter les couts, by Derek Dobson
  • Building pathways in the community: Leolyn Hendricks
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Volume 9 Number 1, Spring 2014
 This volume includes the following articles:
  • What's beyond the name? by Dave Belford 
  • Women as Leaders, by Bill Swan
  • Women leaders of colour, by Sharon Kamassah
  • Leaders & Innovators Conference 2014 
  • Women in the workplace, by Ella Forbes-Chilibeck 
  • Achieving gender balance: the next generation, by Jordene Lyttle & Patricia Lang
  • Does your pension need fixing? by Derek Dobson
  • A new approach to mental health on campus, by Joe Henry
  • College manager turns coach, by Laurie Sanci
Click here to view online:
Volume 8 Number 2, Fall 2013
 This volume includes the following articles:
Click here to view online:
Volume 8 Number 1, Spring 2013
 This volume includes the following articles:
  • Replacing Boomers: CAAT and the demographic shift, by Nancey Adamson 
  • Interview: David Foot, Demographer, scholar and author 
  • Interview: Jim Stanford, CBC panellist, Economist with CAW, author 
  • 2013 Leaders & Innovators Conference program 
  • Workplace Law: Mental health at work, by Ella Forbes-Chilibeck 
  • Survey says that members value CAAT Pension, by Derek W. Dobson 
  • Fostering demographic diversity, by Brian Desbiens 
  • Member profile: Jennifer Daly-Cyr, Climbing Kilimanjaro to 'roof of Africa', by Susan Atkinson

Correction Notices:

The conference spread contained within this issue included an incorrect spelling for one of our facilitators: Jed DeCory, The Currents Group. Our apologies to Jed.
The Contents page misprinted the names of the Editorial Board and the Executive Committee. This error has been corrected on the digital version here.

Volume 7 Number 2, Fall 2012 - College Administrator

Correction notice:
The cover that went to print indicated that Chris Whitaker is president of St. Lawrence College. Mr. Whitaker became president of Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning, August, 2012. We apologize for this error.

This volume includes the following articles: 
  • Dealing with ethnocultural diversity in higher education, by Vidal Chavannes
  • Leadership capability framework: A shortage of admin talent challenges colleges, by Bill Swan
  • Group Work: Faculty need continuing support and access to professional development to make the most of this valuable teaching tool, by Kara C. Woods
  • Career Corner: Leadership isn't being busy or playing police chief, by Brian Desbiens
  • Criticisms of pensions unwarrnated, by Derek Dobson
  • Les régimes de pensions suscitent des critiques injustifiées: par Derek Dobson
  •  Book Review: Liesel Knaack's A Practical Handbook for Educators, by Irene Nizzero
  • Member Profile: Michael Hatton, Hobby started with a Kodak Brownie

Volume 7 Spring 2012 College Administrator

This volume includes the following articles: 
  • The learning college: Learning is the goal of community colleges, Dr. Terry O-Banion once said, so College Administrator interviews the CEO for The League for Innovation, by Bill Swan
  • A college learns: Fleming College facilitates student rep sessions to identify and solve issues -- and train future leaders, by Bill Swan
  • The cornerstones of the CAAT Pension Plan: by Derek Dobson
  • Les piliers du Régime des CAAT: par Derek Dobson
  • Profession Development Conference 2012 
  • Looking forward: OCASA President Rick Helman discusses the OCASA Strategic Plan, and the need to do more with less, by Rick Helman 
  • CMU-OCASA Research Award: Recipient of the fourth annual CMU-OCASA Outstanding Research Award is Kara C. Woods of Durham College 
  • Career Corner: The differences between a learner-centred institution and a learning-centred institution, by Brian Desbiens
  • Member Profile: Joanne Metcalfe, Mohawk College, by Susan Atkinson

Volume 6 Fall 2011 College Administrator

This volume includes the following articles: 
  • What helps students: Use of active learning and a positive classroom environment influence persistence, by Michelle Cole
  • Mobile learning: Algonquin College teams with Adobe to expand software access, by Bill Swan
  • Apprentissage mobile: Le collège Algonquin s’associe à Adobe en vue d’accroître l’accès au logiciel, par Bill Swan
  • Funding: Changes to the funding formula make financial predictions more stable
  • Career Corner: practices we can all use in daily dealings with students, by Brian Desbiens
  • Member Profile: Cynthia Carey, George Brown College, by Susan Atkinson

Volume 6 Spring 2011College Administrator

This volume includes the following articles:
  • Digital Guidelines: Ontario Online Institute, by Bill Swan
  • CMU-OCASA Research Award recipient: Michelle Cole
  • Paybands 5-8: OCASA Survey
  • 2011 Annual PD Conference program
  • Student Identity, by Bonnie Jasper
  • Career Corner: How colleges are really run by administrative assistants, by Brian Desbiens
  • Parlons Carrière: D'accord ou non, les collèges sont effectivement gérés par les adjoint(e)s administratifs, par Brian Desbiens
  • Member Profile: Don Young, Dean, Applied Sciences, St. Lawrence College

Volume 5 Fall 2010 College Administrator

This volume includes the following articles:
  • Digital Texts an interview with Tammy Sherer, Managing Development Editor, Elsevier Canada
  • OntarioLearn by Alan Brady, Executive Director, Ontario Learn
  • Digital dilemma, by Bill Swan
  • Le dilemme numérique, par Bill Swan
  • Green initiatives
  • CAAT Pension Plan: making a difference, by Derek Dobson
  • Régime de retraite des CAAT: faire une différence, par Derek Dobson
  • Aboriginal education, by Linda Croall
  • Career Corner: Front line supervision, by Brian Desbiens
  • Member Profile: Dr. Terry Boyd, Retired Dean, Faculty of Arts, Media and Design, Fanshawe College

Volume 5 Spring 2010 College Administrator

This volume includes the following articles:
  • Facilities Management : There’s never enough money, enough time, and even new construction is managed by staff too busy with daily routine. And, oh yeah. They deliver. by Bill Swan
  • Retirement: Travel and watching grandchildren play hockey are attractive, but plan the timing, your income, and benefits coverage with care, by Gerd Rehding
  • La retraite, par Gerd Rehding
  • CAAT Pension Plan report, by Rick Helman
  • Les activités de défense, par Rick Helman
  • Career Corner Succession Planning: If succession planning is always in crisis mode, it may indicate need for a long-term plan of talent development, by Brian Desbiens
  • Guest Column: Like newlyweds Colleges Ontario and The Council snuggle up, share rent in new expanded office space, by Linda Franklin, CEO & President, Colleges Ontario
  • Member Profile: Rick Helman, Director of Financial Planning, Loyalist College

Volume 4 Fall 2009 College Administrator

This volume includes the following articles:
  • Leadership development: As baby boomers near retirement, how do colleges develop tomorrow’s leaders?
  • Développement du leadership : À l’approche de la retraite de la génération du baby- boom, comment les collèges peuvent-ils préparer les leaders de demain?
  • Key performance indicators: Overall, the results are impressive. But if everybody’s best at something, what gets lost in the translation?, by Bill Swan
  • Career Corner: Leaders must understand the needs of those they lead, by Brian Desbiens
  • Guest Column: Online learning - Research shows that the teacher and content are still key, but it is not digital natives who most use it, by Ruth Hickey
  • Guest Column: Nurturing part-time faculty - Orientation to both the program and the college helps adjunct faculty maintain ‘that magic’, by Martha MacEachern
  • Member Profile: Anne-Marie McAllister, Georgian College

Volume 4 Spring 2009 College Administrator

This volume includes the following articles:
  • An active ASA helps maximize your OCASA benefits
  • CAAT Pension Plan: The market downturn hurt, but by how much? And what might that mean for your retirement?, by Duane McNair
  • Le régime de retraite des CAAT: La crise des marchés boursiers a fait mal, mais combien? Quels pourraient être ses effets sur votre retraite?, par Duane McNair
  • Educational institutions can disclose personal information in emergencies and other urgent circumstances, by Ann Cavoukian, Ph.D.
  • Career Corner Career development for College Administrators: Ask for feedback, by Brian Desbiens
  • Guest Column: Repositioning colleges, by Anne Sado, President and CEO, George Brown College
  • Member Profile: Marathon Woman, Susan Atkinson, Sheridan College

Volume 3 Fall 2008 College Administrator

This volume includes the following articles:
  • PEA-KAPPA Program Quality Assurance Process Audit, by Tim Klassen
  • PQAPA A learning experience at St. Lawrence, by Cam McEachern
  • Managing technological change in an accelerated culture, by Ken Hudson
  • Second Career - New program presents a cultural shift, and challenge, for colleges, by Tom Pickard
  • Guest Column: Skills Shortage - Amid job losses, why is it hard to find a plumber? by Linda Franklin
  • Chronique Spéciale: Un certaine confusion s’installe en vous; depuis une heure, vous tentez désespérément de trouver un plombier, par Linda Franklin
  • Enjoying retirement: A retiree’s view on preparing for THAT day: don’t sweat the money, by Gwyn Thompson
  • New legislation grants collective bargaining for part-time employees
  • Une nouvelle loi accorde aux employés à temps partiel le droit à la négociation collective
  • Member Profile: Marrying Interests, Celina Cacciotti, Cambrian College

Volume 3 Spring 2008 College Administrator

This volume includes the following articles:
  • College Coach - Using principles he noted in his pro baseball career and coaching, Dr. Roy Giroux sees patterns in college leadership – and has been Pied Piper leading 1,200 or more to advanced degrees.
  • La Cité collégiale planifie la relève, par Lise Frenette
  • Library's Future, by Bill Swan
  • Job Evaluation & Compensation, by Judy Kroon
  • From Student to President, Anne Buller & Maureen Piercy
  • Canada’s post-secondary sector is falling behind internationally because we don’t know where we’re going, don’t know which direction we’re heading, and have neither a map nor compass to guide the journey if we did.
  • In the Spirit of Leading, by Don Sinclair

Volume 2 Spring 2007 LUMIÈRE

This volume includes the following articles:
  • Security: Everybody’s job
  • Objectif : démanteler les silos administratifs, par Laurie Rancourt
  • Breaking down silos: Your colleagues can tell and know when they are valued and when trust is demonstrated, by Don Sinclair
  • SmartSkills101: Corporate training becomes a survival tool for students
  • OCASA and the College Pension Plan, by Gerd Rehding
  • Business Planning/Budgeting You and the finance department cannot work in silos, by Rick Helman

Volume 1 Spring 2006 LUMIÈRE

This volume includes the following articles:
  • The Future - In preparing for 2016, we should not be building virtual horse barns.
  • William G. Davis - Former Premier says people must realize the importance of colleges.
  • Professional Development - Credentials, an approaching labour shortage, and the need to stay focused. Where do you start?
  • Chris Bentley: The minister who would put more community (and funding) into community colleges.
  • Chris Bentley: Un ministre qui veut plus de communautaire (et d’argent) dans les collèges communautaires
  • Bob Rae: Society must give priority to education, and funding will follow.
  • Vision 2016 - à La Cité Collégiale
  • Dan Holland - The OntarioLearn pattern of sharing resources could be used for Professional Development.