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Certificate/Online Learning

OCASA’s Certificate in Ontario College Leadership & Administration

"Being aware of the assignments at the beginning made it easier to schedule time accordingly. There was an appropriate amount of time given to complete the reading/assignments. The SMA assignment provided me with an opportunity to familiarize myself with the document as well as the process around it's development which I don't think I would've otherwise explored in such detail." (Understanding the Ontario College System Fall 2017 Participant)

Online Courses

May 6 - June 14, 2019: Leadership Through Change

Instructor: Lori Nemeth

Fees: $449 per course. OCASA member rate $349.

Online Program Overview 
In this course, you will explore fundamental and advanced aspects of leading through change in your college. In week one, we begin with an exploration of theories and frameworks for leading change. We discuss a continuum of change initiatives from low to high complexity and anticipate the challenges along the continuum.  In weeks two and three we add examinations of human factors, college culture, and leadership factors to deepen the learning. Weekly live and online discussions provide opportunity to learn from each others’ experiences.  Activities to apply the learning are practical and varied.   The final assignment involves designing a process for change leadership of an initiative at your college. 

May 6 - June 14, 2019: Managing in a Unionized Environment

Instructor: Jed DeCory

Fees: $449 per course. OCASA member rate $349.

Online Program Overview 
Designed for both those who manage Support Staff and Academic staff the course uses case studies and practical examples to illustrate ways to build teams that will help your students get the best education possible. We will tackle issues from hiring, to workload assignment to progressive discipline all within the boundaries of the collective agreements. As well, we will look at leadership styles and communication techniques needed to encourage teamwork and cooperation.
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July 8 - August 16, 2019: Understanding the Ontario College System

Instructor: Kristi Harrison, Hons. B.Ed, M. Ed, Ed D

Fees: $449 per course. OCASA member rate $349.REGISTER NOW

Online Program Overview

The Ontario College system has been in place now for fifty years. This course traces the development of the college system from its beginnings (as the developer of a skilled workforce for a growing industrial economy) through periods of growth and contraction, significant legislative changes, new mandates and a future tied increasing to the global economy and external partnerships. We will explore the differences between colleges and skilled trades education, and university learning. We will examine changing learner demographics, articulation and transfer opportunities, internationalization, technology in learning, and the role of applied research. This course will lay the foundation for understanding the issues that impact college administrators- in academic, student services and corporate roles.

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October 18 - November 29, 2019: Strategic Planning

Instructor: Dominique Giguère, B.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D.

Fees: $449 per course. OCASA member rate $349.REGISTER NOW

Online Program Overview

This course allows participants to explore the fundamental components and best practices in the use and development of a strategic plan. By the end of the course, learners will have an appreciation for the value and applications of a strategic plan in their personal practice, within their team and within their department or institution. The discussions will be set in the Ontario College context and will use a hands-on approach to real issues confronted by college administrators. Participants will apply their knowledge of the components and the methodology to create a new, small scale plan or to edit an existing, more complex strategic plan, including vision, mission, values and goals. They will also gain insights related to a strategic plan's implementation, communication, tracking and assessment issues. Although not a prerequisite, this course will build on some of the concepts explored in Understanding the College Ontario System. Participants who did not complete this course will be provided with a few more required readings on governance and planning frameworks.

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Past Courses:
November 3 - December 4 
Understanding the Ontario College System
Kristi Harrison, Hons. B.Ed, M. Ed, Ed D. Candidate (2017) 
January 26 - February 26  
Strategic Planning
Dominique Giguère, B.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D.
Courses in Development:
  • Leading Through Change
  • Financial Management
The following are foundational 8 courses.

The certificate will not be limited to this list as special topics are introduced from time to time, fully eligible to complete the certificate.

Mission Culture and Governance in HE    
Organizational Communication
Conflict Resolution – Moving beyond to achieve your goals   Building Leadership Capacity
The Role of the Student and Student Needs    Strategic and Business Planning
Technological Implications Adapting to ICT* in the Digital Academy
*ICT: Internet & Communications Technology   
Innovation in Administration