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CAAT Pension - OCASA seeks new appointee to Board of Trustees

Mike Seeger, OCASA's appointee to the Board of Trustees, finishes his second term in September, completing 6 years of service. According to OCASA's terms of reference, each appointee may serve a maximum of two terms. We are now advertising for a new OCASA appointee. For more information about the position, please call Diane Posterski at the OCASA office or click here to dowloand the information form.

OCASA also wishes to thank Mike for his very dedicated service to the Board of Trustees. These positions require significant preparation, reading and learning - all of which Mike did with professionalism. The other OCASA appointee, Kelly Murray, sits on the Sponsors' Committee and is in her second year of service. 

For more information about the OCASA Pension Corporation, click here.