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CAAT Pension Plan Annual Report available

The CAAT Pension Plan is a model worth emulating in any plans the government has for joint governance of pensions, Derek Dobson says.

Dobson, CEO and Plan Manager of the  CAAT Pension Plan, told members at the annual meeting of the OCASA Pension Corporation that the jointly-sponsored defined benefit pension provides a blueprint for changes the government hinted at in the March budget.

The Ontario Budget, presented in March 2012, included a number of proposals that promote the model of joint governance for pension plans. The CAAT Pension Plan annual report provides  details of the plan and how it can serve as a model and is now available on line.

In addressing  the OCASA Pension Corporation on Monday, Dobson stressed the strength of Defined Benefits plan, and noted that in the CAAT Plan costs are shared by employees and employers equally. He said that Defined Contribution Plans – often cited as a method of tax relief for public pensions – are “not a panacea” and are less efficient and don’t necessarily provide adequate retirement income.

Dobson said that the annual  report includes some changes facing the Pension Plan later this year. More details will follow in a subsequent news item. CAAT Pension Annual Report.