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Meet our new team members

OCASA is moving its offices after 11 years. But it's more than just a move. OCASA has partnered with an Association Management Company to provide our back office support. With a dedicated team, they provide bookkeeping and financial guidance, IT support, and most importantly, membership support. They specialize in associations like OCASA. Contact information remains the same.
Diane Posterski, Executive Director, is excited about the new opportunities for OCASA as a result of this partnership: ""Having broader office support will allow us to focus more on strategic initiatives."
Some of our members have wondered about Ronda Wicklam, our long serving office assistant (which means so much more!). We are pleased to note that Ronda had been seeking employment in the local school board for a few years, chasing her dream of being part of a school administration team. She was successful last fall, while continuing to support OCASA after hours. Now that's commitment! We are pleased that OCASA supported her academic pursuits through OntarioLearn over the past several years, ensuring that she was equipped for her next career move.

Cindy and Annie both bring a wealth of experience and will be attending the AGM (June 25) and Leaders & Innovators Conference (June 26/27). We look forward to introducing them to you in the days ahead.

Cindy Gareau,
Client Relations

Annie Dollendorf,
Member Services