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New Volunteer Opportunity

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OCASA is seeking an OCASA member to sit on a provincial committee:
Alternate, Appointed Representative on the Administrative Staff Insured Benefits Subcommittee

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*Applications will close June 10, 2016 at 4:00 pm.*

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(Note:  “Insured Benefits” comprise those life insurance, medical, dental and other benefits provided through the Sun Life Group Plans.  They do not include CAAT Pension).

Position Description:

Working with the College Employer Council, the Insured Benefits Subcommittee:

  • Reviews financial performance of the Plan, reviews premium rates, and recommends rate adjustments where needed; (Council and Committee are assisted in this process by AON);
  • Recommends improvements or additions to Administrators’ benefits where appropriate;
  • Provides a conduit between OCASA and The Council for communication around Insured Benefits issues;
  • Occasionally acts as a liaison between individual employees and The Council or Sun Life to help resolve disputes, etc.

Member Responsibilities:

  • The representative is required to attend quarterly meetings (1 or 2 in Toronto at the Council office, the rest by teleconference) and to provide follow-up to those meetings as required (OCASA resource staff are also available to the representative to help with administrative tasks).
  • The representative is expected to discuss issues arising from the Insured Benefits Subcommittee meetings on a timely basis with the Executive Committee and to provide advice to the Executive Committee in determining appropriate courses of action at subsequent Insured Benefits Subcommittee meetings.
  • Regular reporting to the OCASA Board as requested (written form typically)

Term of Appointment: 3-year term, renewable for a second term.

Time Commitment: Approximately 10 hours/year, plus some travel.  Many issues as they arise can be dealt with via email, teleconference, etc. All costs associated with travel are covered by OCASA.

Qualifications: Must be an OCASA member with a willingness to learn about benefits.  
Experience with some knowledge of insured benefits concepts, and/or some financial skill would be an asset. Must be willing and able to attend the meetings (teleconference and face-to-face). We recommend seeking support of your supervisor in this appointment. 

OCASA already has one representative to the committee. The alternate is a full member of the committee as well.