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OCASA Consults

OCASA met with the ACC on October 30 in Toronto. Top of the list was leadership development, and the work that various stakeholders are engaging  at college and system levels. OCASA highlighted its progress on a Mentorship Program (to be announced in the new year), online education and the 2013 Innovators & Leaders conference. Participants also engaged in good discussion about providing more information for administrators who are planning PD and educational development, particulalry around available pathways.

The political landscape has been shifting unexpectedly in Ontario, and CoP representatives along with Linda Franklin of Colleges Ontario provided an update about the implications of these changes. They expect little progress on current dialogue, until more stability is returned to the Ontario government.

OCASA will continue to work on the sub-committee looking at Terms & Conditions of Employment, as well as bringing comments forward on the job evaluation design currently in place.

The Administrative Consultative Committee (ACC) provides the opportunity for system consultation around matters relevant to college administrators. OCASA meets with representatives from Committee of Presidents (CoP), Human Resources Coordinating Committee (HRCC), College Employer Council (CEC), and Colleges Ontario.

Meeting at least 3 times/year, the agenda usually includes issues relevant to terms & conditions of employment, compensation, professional development, government relations and other general matters of interest that will have an impact on college administrators.

Committee members:

Committee of Presidents: Don Lovisa, Durham; Maureen Piercy, Loyalist
Human Resources Coordinating Committee: Karen Pashleigh, Chief Human Resources Officer, Mowhawk
College Employer Council: Don Sinclair, CEO; Mary Hofweller, Associate Director, Compensation & Benefits
Colleges Ontario: Linda Franklin, President & CEO
OCASA: Rick Helman, President; Chantal Thiboutot, VP; Chris Fliesser, Past President; Diane Posterski, Executive Director.