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Strategic Planning Fundamentals

OCASA's online education now open to all admin! Enroll now in Strategic Planning Fundamentals, with instructor Dr. Dominique Giguère, B.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D. November 2 - November 26. This is a companion course to Strategic and Business Planning, but stands alone. The spring course is not a prerequisite to this course. Here is what one Associate Dean has to say about these courses:

I have completed 4 of the courses that have been offered and I highly recommend them...  The courses are particularly geared for new managers, or managers new to the college system, or for anyone with a particular interest in the topic.  The instructors are well qualified, very experienced and work in the Ontario college system.  As a student, you get to network with colleagues from across the province that you might not otherwise interact with in your current position.  The workload is manageable and the readings and assignments are highly relevant.  I have gained new skills,  learned new ways of approaching my work, made connections with colleagues, and generally have enjoyed being a student.  One of the unexpected benefits has been the insight I have gained as an online learner. Robin Hicks, Assoc. Dean, Community Services, St. Lawrence College

All administrators may now access these courses, not just OCASA members. So invite your colleagues to join you. A cohort makes the experience even more meaningful.

More information can be found on the Certification page of OCASA's website.