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March 23, 2016: In the past year, OCASA Executive and Board, in consultation with college reps, have been looking for a new model or partnerships. The aim: to better serve the needs of OCASA members. We’ve called it VISION 2025.
To this end, we’ve prepared a proposal for particular consideration by the Committee of Presidents, Colleges Ontario, the College Employer Council, and Human Resources Coordinating Committee (HRCC) and the Coordinating Committee on Human Resource Development (CCHRD). Our proposal would create a partnership with the system to address the leadership and career development interests of all college administrators.
This is a bold initiative, and is still in an exploratory stage. No changes could ultimately be made without the approval of OCASA membership. But it’s important for you to know about these consultations.
I’m asking you to review the VISION 2025 Backgrounder on the Member Services area (you will need to login). Email your questions and reactions to executive director diane [dot] posterski [at] ocasa [dot] on [dot] ca (Diane Posterski).
We’ll keep you posted as discussion continues. In fact, your input will be part of the discussion.
The future belongs to all of us. This is a chance to shape it to your needs.

Questions or comments are welcome.

Krista Pearson,
OCASA President

February 19, 2016

Members and non-members alike have continue to tell us that independent advocacy is important — a voice that is not tied to an individual college: advocacy that can speak honestly, and respectfully on behalf of all administrators.

Some senior leaders in the system have pointed out the need for a coordinated, flexible plan for leadership development — both for individual administrators and for the college system —so that we build for 2025.

We agree. In fact, enhanced leadership development is really an extension of what OCASA now does in that field. Rather than re-invent the wheel, we began to think that with meaningful partnerships, OCASA could expand its efforts to more fully meet the demands of the whole system.

To explore a new model that would meet the needs of our members AND to serve the college system, OCASA directors have begun discussions with Colleges Ontario, The Employers’ Council, and senior leaders. The aim: to find a model to serve individual administrators in planning and managing their own careers while in a coordinated way working to enhance leadership development within the college system. All this while continuing to build the professional services we already offer.

Stay tuned. We’ll keep you posted as new information becomes available. In the meantime, members can visit the Members Services area here for more background information, and take a look at OCASA’s Strategic Plan for future directions.

Questions or comments are welcome.

Krista Pearson,
OCASA President

February 11, 2016
VISION 2025: PART II: Emerging Trends

OCASA has surveyed a wide variety of college administrators (members and non-members) as well as presidents and senior administrators with roles in the system. We were looking for the ideal model to carry OCASA and the college system into the next decade.  What did people tell us?

First, Members and non-members alike said they expect OCASA to provide more opportunities to do what we already provide:

  • Professional, leadership development
  • Advocacy, representation and communication
  • Networking

Senior leaders agreed that leadership capacity is a concern looking forward. While some individual colleges have strong and effective PD, the effectiveness across the system varies. Some saw the value in an enhanced system-wide role for OCASA in Professional Development.

One past president said clearly that the colleges need a system approach to leadership development: “Training and development is essential for the future and that we need to plan now for the leaders of 2025.”  

What does that mean, and how does OCASA fit into the picture?

Next week I’ll provide some details on the board’s analysis of these findings and the directions we think it points out. In the meantime, members can visit the Members Services area here for more background information, and take a look at OCASA’s Strategic Plan for future directions.

Questions or comments are welcome.

Krista Pearson,
OCASA President

February 4, 2016
VISION 2025: PART I Where we are now?

OCASA has been serving college administrators for 20 years. In that time, much has changed, and we expect the future to bring new opportunities, and challenges.

On the road to 2025, where do we go from here?

OCASA celebrates all that has been accomplished. Now we want to leverage our momentum to be a system support through this change. With drives to innovate amidst economic constraints, how do we help members prepare to be the leaders the colleges will need in 2025?

In 20 years, OCASA has made significant strides in helping to professionalize college administration:

  • Annual Leaders & Innovators PD & networking conference
  • Online learning, including webinars and certification program
  • System-wide mentoring
  • Professional consultation on compensation, benefits, PD
  • Sponsorship and a voice on CAAT Pension Plan
  • College Administrator journal, recently garnering national interest

We live in a rapidly changing world. The governance model and organizational structure that has worked well for our first twenty years may not be what we need for the next twenty — or even ten.

We’re asking the question: is there a better model that will serve you, our members, and your colleges over the next decade and beyond?

To embark on this, OCASA has begun to gather information from across the system: from Presidents, the Council, from administrators at all levels — and from you, our members. We’ve even asked non-members what they see in their future.  Watch for further information in the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile, you can review the goals we set for the next three years by viewing OCASA’s Strategic Plan 2016-2019.

Questions or comments are welcome.

Krista Pearson,
OCASA President