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February: Compensation Recommendations

  • Click here to view OCASA's recommendations for administrative staff (non-executive designate)
May 2016: In response to this proposal, CoP established a Working Group to study the validity of this proposal. Subsequently, another report was submitted to CoP from the Working Group. More details to come.


October: Concept Paper to Committee of Presidents - Centre for Leadership Development
April 2016: College Employer Council released compensation guidelines. Members click here for more information.


Compensation Guidelines 2014/15
  • Click here to view OCASA's recommendations for administrative staff (non-executive designate)

 OCASA actively contributes at the provincial level to advocate on behalf of OCASA members. OCASA has a strong history of influencing discussions and recommendations relating to compensation matters, terms and conditions of employment and professional development.

If you have concerns that you would like OCASA to address, please contact the OCASA office.

OCASA has continued to support the exclusion of "Deans" from the executive level function as captured in the BPSAA, 2012

Bill 8 seeks to implement the Public Sector and MPP Accountability and Transparency Act, 2014, and the Broader Public Sector Executive Compensation Act, 2014 (BPSCEA). The result: "Deans" will no longer be included in the executive level group, and the performance pay envelope will longer be under restraint.

OCASA's previous submissions:


OCASA presents to the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs

On June 7, OCASA presented its position on wage restraint and the inclusion of "Deans" in the executive definition, Bill 55, Schedule 5.
Click here to read presentation remarks.

Contact your MPP about this issue. 
MAY 2012
OCASA sends letter to Minister Murray, Minister Duncan
OCASA makes Pre-Budget Submission to Minister of Finance
 In making this submission, OCASA's focus is on the impact that wage restraint has had on the recruitment and retention of good talent in colleges, particularly as it relates to salary compression between administrators and some faculty, and administrators and some support staff. The minimal savings realized through wage restraint of administrators' salaries does not balance with the risk of losing excellent talent and institutional knowledge.
To download the full submission, click here.


Bill 16 (Salary Freeze)
Past communications about Bill 16:
JUNE 18, 2010

Council has confirmed that the 2010 compensation guidelines will be the same as for 2009. It will be up to individual colleges to determine their local action. To view the guidelines, log in, then visit the Resources page/ Workplace matters page.

MAY 3, 2010

OCASA's legal counsel's summary of Bill 16.

APRIL 21, 2010

OCASA has sent Bill 16 to legal counsel for interpretation re: wage freeze. A summary will be available to members within the next couple of days. If you have comments about this wage freeze, we would like to hear from you. Contact us by email or call 1-866-742-5429.

OCASA representatives will meet with the Administrative Consultative Committee on April 29 to discuss compensation guidelines, terms & conditions of employment, professional development and other items. Please call the OCASA office if you have any comments.

MARCH 31, 2010

OCASA responds to the Ontario budget by sending recommendations for broader consultation to Colleges Ontario, Committee of Presidents and The Council. Click here for full document.

MARCH 30, 2010

To view the draft legislation, Bill 16, click here.
OCASA has bookmarked the section on "Restraint Measures".

OCASA is in touch with Colleges Ontario and The Council regarding the "compensation structure" freeze as noted in last week's Ontario budget. They are also working with the ministry to better understand the proper interpretation and implementation. Until legislation is finalized and interpreted, we might not know the final compensation recommendations. OCASA will be drafting a submission to the ministry regarding the overall budget and the implications for college administrators.

If you have comments please contact the OCASA office. We would like to hear from you.

MARCH 26, 2010

OCASA has made a submission to The Council (College Compensation & Appointments Council) with specific recommendations regarding the format and text of the guidelines for 2010. OCASA's recommendations include the following:

  • that  there be a greater emphasis on ensuring administrative staff move through their salary ranges in a reasonable time period (5 years)
  • that the compensation policy at each college be written and communicated to administrative staff
  • that where an exceptional performance incentive is included in the compensation policy, the expectations, process and awarding of this incentive be clearly communicated to administrative staff and that the process be seen as fair and transparent
  • that the Chair differential be maintained, with clearer language in the guidelines
  • that some modifications be made to language around "Internal Promotions/Re-Classifications", "Special Assignment/Acting Pay", "Lateral Job Growth - Added Responsibility" and "Lateral Job Growth - Added Expertise" with the goal of ensuring that administrative staff received the best compensation outcome.

In light of the recent Ontario budget, OCASA is in conversation with the Council this coming week regarding compensation recommendations.
The Council has advised OCASA that the final guidelines will be available to colleges in early April. OCASA expects to see the guidelines sometime thereafter.