CAAT Pension Plan: Sponsors maintain control of Plan governance

After extensive and successful consultations with senior government and elected officials, the CAAT Plan has negotiated an agreement with the province that provides additional contribution stability and maintains Sponsors' control of Plan governance, funding and investment decisions.

Full story, including agreement highlights can be found on the CAAT Pension website.


As a Sponsor of the CAAT Pension Plan, OCASA Pension Corporation has two regular appointments to the Plan:
Board of Trustees and Sponsors' Committee.

The Sponsors' Committee has been working tirelessly over the past several weeks, working with CAAT Pension staff to negotiate an agreement with the government.

OCASA's Rick Helman has been serving on this committee for almost 6 years. His appointment ends December 31 of this year. Mike Gallagher, Director, Budget & Financial Planning, Confederation College will be replacing Rick January 1, 2013 for a three-year appointment.

We thank our volunteers for their commitment to ensuring administrators' interests are represented to the Plan, and that the Plan continues to provide secure pensions to all college employees in their retirement.

For more information about OCASA Pension Corporation, visit their website.