Compensation Guidelines

Each year, the College Employer Council provides Compensation Guidelines for administrative staff to colleges. Typically, these are released early in the fiscal year, April or May, depending on the provincial budget date. The Human Resources Steering Committee makes the recommendations for Council based on market research. This year, with such a late provincial budget, Council elected to reserve recommendations until the fall. Guidelines are typically retroactive to April 1 of that year, depending on the college. Colleges are not required to follow the guidelines, as they are only recommendations; however, most do.

OCASA also makes submissions to Council prior to the recommendations being made. Comments generally relate to inflationary increases, but also best practices for compensation policy, particularly around performance pay, internal promotions, special assignments, extended responsibilities, etc.

During the wage freeze, OCASA has also made submissions to the Ministry of Finance, and MTCU about the role of administrators, their unique position within colleges, and in the case of "executive function" the need to exclude Deans from that list.

OCASA is interested in your feedback as we develop our submission. If you would like to comment, please send your email to diane [dot] posterski [at] ocasa [dot] on [dot] ca (Diane Posterski), Executive Director. For more information about the guidelines, and OCASA's submissions, visit the Compensation page under the member services area. You will need to log in as a member.