Credit transfer an issue whose time has come: Franklin

In what has become an annual address to the OCASA PD Conference, Linda Franklin says online education and transferability of credits to be two issues high on the priority list. Peer pressure on institutions from other institutions will encourage change “more quickly” than in the past.

Franklin, CEO of Colleges Ontario, addressed the plenary session at the annual conference in June. Her hour-long address provided an insider look at issues facing colleges in the near future.

She also stressed the importance of dealing with issues of mental health. She said practitioners working with have cited growing challenges in mental health. “We have to do something about this.”

Those in attendance for Linda's keynote rate her presentation as a "must have" at future conferences. Her insight into the political and economic landscape provide college managers with the inside view of the sector they often lack.

OCASA was invited to submit comments to the strategic planning process of CoP/Colleges Ontario at their recent retreat. OCASA meets quarterly with representatives from CoP, Colleges Ontario, College Employer Council and Human Resources Coordinating Committee (HRCC) to discuss emerging issues and opportunities for college administrators.