OCASA meets with Committee of Presidents

Today, OCASA's Executive Director, Diane Posterski, and OCASA President, Chris Fliesser, attended the second day of meetings for the Committee of Presidents in Toronto. Given time on the agenda, their presentation highlighted the need for a "new" conversation in the college system when discussing OCASA's status and role as a professional association. Moving away from any notion that OCASA might be compared to a union (the "old" conversation), Diane Posterski suggested that new opportunities for real partnership emerge as OCASA continues its commitment as a professional association for college administrators. Looking to reduce barriers and inconsistencies in the system, she urged a commitment to common practices at the local level in supporting OCASA membership.

Following the 10 minute presentation and 5 minutes for comments, the presidents moved into their private meeting for further discussion. OCASA meets tomorrow with the Administrative Consultative Committee (ACC) where representation from CoP, College Employer Council, Colleges Ontario and HRCC will undoubtedly continue the discussion begun today. Other agenda items include advocacy items (terms and conditions of employment, compensation) and other regular update items.

Download OCASA's presentation to the Committee of Presidents