Out-of-Country full travel coverage now available.

Out of Country full travel coverage in case of a medical emergency is now

included in the benefits coverage for Ontario College Administrators.

Don Sinclair, CEO of the Ontario College Employers Council, told the OCASA AGM

that the change had been in effect since Jan. 1, 2012.. Previously, out-of-country coverage was

the responsibility of the individual and not included in the plan.

Sinclair cited a case in which one person had encountered a medical episode out

of the country and ended with a medical bill of $500,000 or more with  no


(OCASA advises those travelling outside of Canada to double check coverage

details with their own HR departments before leaving the country.)

 Sinclair also offered thanks to the college administrators in general for their

efforts last fall during the Support Staff strike. He said that the dedication

of administrators was appreciated by the bargaining team. The current contract

with faculty expires August 31. More information is available in a pervious announcement on the members section of the OCASA website.