Video Conferencing creates new efficiencies

As part of OCASA's commitment to sustainability, the Board has adopted video conferencing technology for two of its quarterly meetings.

"Bringing twelve board members together can be costly, both in terms of finances and time. This platform enables us to be much more efficient and to be more inclusive of all members who are dispersed geographically," Chris Fliesser noted following the November 18 Board meeting.

The Board will continue to meet face-to-face in June prior to the annual PD conference, and in August when setting the course for the upcoming year. But the fall and winter meetings, as well as regular executive committee meetings, will be conducted via video conferencing.

The long-term goal is to equip all committee members with a webcam for committee meetings. The relative user fee for web conferencing is much less than teleconferencing, after the initial equipment purchase. The OCASA Board sees this as value-added for members, providing a cost effective and sustainable service.