Webinars: Performance Management

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October 30 @ Noon
Performance Management

Performance management is not a one-time supervisory event, but an ongoing process of planning, facilitating, assessing, and improving individual and organizational performance. In this interactive webinar we will set a context for effective performance management; explore strategic considerations for implementing a performance management process within your own department using the tools provided by your colleges’ HR department; and examine approaches for developing both individuals and teams.
Facilitator: Steven G. Robinson, M.A.
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November 5 @ Noon
Coaching for Leaders & Managers

Curious about coaching?  Increasingly college administrators are turning to coaches to help them reach their personal and professional goals.  Join this interactive webinar to learn more about the value of coaching and how the process works.  You’ll meet Laurie Sanci, a former college administrator and coach, who’s currently working with OCASA to offer coaching services to members.  In the session Laurie will provide a brief overview of coaching, explore the benefits of a coaching relationship and take a look at how a coaching conversation works. You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and determine whether coaching is the right investment in your personal and professional growth. 
Facilitator: Laurie Sanci

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